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Setting the scene

First post! Before I dive in with the nitty gritty stuff I think it’s only fair if I set the scene- I will do more detailed posts about m both the past and how it’s got to the present but for now I’ll stick to the here and now.

I’m currently back in hospital for the sixth time reviving treatment for my low BMI/anorexia. I have been here for nearly 5 months but am goin hoping it won’t be flue much longer. I have a difficult relationship with both treatment and the treating team which you may pick up in some older posts that I bring out of archive…!

I’m trying to study to sit another A-level (economics), redesigning my bedroom at home, apply to uni abad have just started an acting group at my local theatre to do what i live but also meet people my age as many of friends have gone to uni :( hopefully it’ll be me one day!

Anyway , that’s a bit of a brief but I’m sure more will come to light as I write more posts, thank you for getting this far!

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