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I chuckled writing this as i racked my brains to try and make myself sound at least a little more interesting than in reality I am. This is a question I’ve been asked by every professional I’ve ever come across, the ice breaker to getting to know you/asses you for whatever they think is wrong and what they plan to do to fix it. I remember my first ever CAMHS (child and adolescent mental health services) appointment and being asked to tell them about myself and at 13 I probably had a more interesting life than I do now. But hopefully by the time the next professional asks me that, I’l have something a bit more exciting to tell them!


Anyway, rambling already! So hi, I’m Hannah, a 20 year old living on Oxfordshire and suffering with their mental health a rather great deal right now. But although that being the topic of choice right now, there’s more to me than that. I love to bake, I love dogs and horse riding, chatting and joking with my peers, discussing the worlds great issues and solving them with great ease at 2am in the morning after a few too many vodka cokes. I love to create and craft, I’m constantly onto the next project and dream of being a famous actress. I speak my mind at the best and worst of times and have a rather strong stubborn streak, probably gifted to me by my Oma (gran), who also blessed me with the streaks of red that come out in my hair in the summer and passion for acting . I dream of owning a cottage by the sea and a mansion in Kensington. I hate mashed potato but think that olives are delicious. My favourite colours are cornflower blue and sage green. I think a lot, probably too much, and my brain never switches off. I also suffer from severe mental illness. I have been in treatment for 6 and a half years and so far not much has helped so now I’m on a mission to find what does and give it a really good go because my god am i sick of being sick!!!


Anyway, welcome to my blog, i hope if anything its a good read and may even help you learn a bit about mental illness, yourself or me! Enjoy!

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